Thank you, Jen

Saturday, May 28, 2016.  Can you ever say “thank you” enough?

Do we ever stop — breathe in the moment we are actually living in — and appreciate (and give thanks for) what we have?

Whether I call it a speed bump, a curve ball or a wake-up call, I have certainly learned over the last 5 weeks (among many other things) that I am not invincible, I took way too much for granted, my family and friends are unbelievably supportive, I have been so fortunate (and lucky) both personally and professionally (there are many people, including my parents and extended family, that will be separately thanked on this front), and the best decision I ever made was marrying Jen.  And I don’t say thank you to Jen nearly enough.

So in the midst of what has been a fantastic and much needed weekend at the shore, I thought it was appropriate to thank Jen.  After all, I don’t think  I would be at the shore this weekend if not for Jen (although you never know…)!  [Disclaimer:  the list below is non-exhaustive and I reserve all rights to add/supplement this list at any time since it would be impossible to thank Jen for everything (hence the lack of semi-colons or an “and” before the second to last bullet followed by a period after the last bullet).  But it is worth a shot to thank Jen for everything she is/does, so here goes.]


Jen — thank you for……

  • our three incredible boys 
  • being a superhero of a mom and always going above and beyond for the boys
  • being my doctor, psychologist, rabbi and biggest fan
  • letting me be me
  • supporting me in everything
  • being my best friend
  • giving me a second set of parents
  • sharing Kim and Brad (and then Justin and Julie, and Joey and Jordan) (who are truly my brothers and sisters)
  • always being honest
  • forcing us to move (and then agreeing with me on Scarsdale)
  • always knowing what I need (whether it is a workout or some alone time)
  • being so independent
  • not caring what other people think and simply doing what you think is right
  • putting up with me
  • dealing with my temper
  • making me laugh
  • teaching me what it means to be happy
  • giving me shit when I deserve it
  • keeping me grounded and focused
  • taking care of everything so I can focus on work
  • taking care of me (after all, I am your 4th child)
  • trusting me and knowing that you and the boys come first always
  • loving me unconditionally
  • putting up with my silly diets and workouts (but telling me (correctly) that the diets are stupid)
  • telling me when I am being selfish
  • knowing how to have a good time
  • being the most responsible person I know
  • getting up with the boys in the middle of night (always)
  • being tough
  • never being afraid to speak your mind
  • standing by my side at all times (especially now)

Jen, I don’t say thank you nearly enough.  Please do know that I have always appreciated everything you do and who you are.  This speed bump/curve ball/wake-up call, however, really forced me to stop and take a breath deep in the here and now.  I have stopped and taken a deep breath.  And I am certain of this:  you are the best person I know.  Thank you.






3 thoughts on “Thank you, Jen”

  1. Josh, everything you have written is so touching and inspiring. Danny and I are thinking about you and Jen often!


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