Cavs Fan(s)

Thursday, June 16, 2016.   Cleveland may or may not win tonight.  Truth is, we are playing a better team.  When you have LeBron, however, you are never out of a series.  And if Kyrie brings 2/3’s of the game he brought with him to San Fran on Monday, we could hear (for the next 64 hours) the greatest two words in sports:  “Game Seven.”

Whether or not the Cavs win tonight, I am a believer.  I could have worn my Wine and Gold shirt or the original LeBron Cavs jersey.  But instead I am wearing (as of 10 minutes ago) my Believeland shirt (special thanks to Seth L.).


But tonight, I win either way.  Jake Sussberg (9) had to write a mystery story at school recently; his work product made its way home today.  The story speaks for itself.  No doubt he is my boy.  Although I am (obviously) biased, this is well written if I do say so myself.  [Noteworthy that he brought this home today, on the eve of Game 6, and the same day that Jen had me write the first letter to be sent to him at camp (so that it is there when he arrives next Friday).]  While there are all sorts of things in this story that could be deeply analyzed, the bottom line is Stephen Curry goes to jail.  Foreshadowing for the defensive effort from the home team tonight?  We shall see.  Enjoy the story and the game.


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